Women inventors : Were they rare or ignored?


What was invented by women?

You have rarely heard about female inventors. Could it really awake public interest? If they were given fair approaches by the laws and the public itself, YESSS!

Throughout the history, there have been lots of female inventors. For example, we can mention Hypatia of Alexandria (about 370-415 AD), who invented a distillation apparatus and hydrometer that can measure the density of liquids.

Historically, however, it has been difficult for female inventors to profile themselves. This is due, among other things, to the fact that women in the United States and England could not get patents in their own names until the end of the 19th century, just because they were women. For example, the American Sybilla Masters is actually America’s first female inventor. In 1712 she developed a machine for cleaning and processing corn. Only three years later, the machine was patented, but it was patented under her husband’s name. In 1872 Josephine Cochran (a woman) invented the dishwasher, and the electric kettle as well as the ironing board. Katherine Blodgett invented non-reflective glass in 1938, and it was very important for the production of glasses, microscopes and cameras.

In modern times, female researchers have been succesfull in medical research. For example, Lithuanian-American Gertrude Belle Elion has received the Nobel Prize and recorded 45 medical patents.