Who invented the toilet


While Sir Thomas Crapper was the inventor of the flushable toilet, it was Sir John Harrington who invented the idea of a toilet – hence the nickname for the toilet being “the John”.

Who found the toilet idea

Originally, Sir John Harrington was a poet, but soon that did not work out for him. It was actually when Harrington found himself in exile that he designed the idea of a lavatory – a room with a toilet and wash basin (now referred to as sink). Harrington’s first design of the toilet was a valve that released water when pulled, and it was from the advice of his godmother Queen Elizabeth that the valve be pulled at least once a day to keep things clean.

You might be wondering, what did the first toilet even look like? Well, it was not what it is today, that’s for sure. The first toilet was simply a large pot with a hard seat that was connected to a pipe that allowed for waste to be flushed down.

While this was a fantastic design, Sir Thomas Crapper added on to this design years later. Sir Thomas Crapper designed the bathroom, a place that included a flushing toilet. His amazing work was awarded several patents and he went on working vigorously on his invention, improving the flushing toilet as much as possible in his lifetime. He even started a company called Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd., which still stands in England.

Despite he did not invent the toilet, he did promote its popularity. This is what makes the toilet a rather confusing topic. There is no one inventor who can place his name upon the throne.

Another individual who played a part in the invention of the toilet is Joseph Bramah who had a patent applied to the first water closet in England in the year of 1778. Additionally, Bramah came up with a new idea for a valve for the toilet. Even though there were many inventors, it is important to note that without the help of all these individuals, the toilet may not be what it is today. All of these great minds worked hard to change the design of the toilet and improve it.


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