Who invented the elevator?


With the advancement in the field of information technology, there are many changes, which are quite evident in the life of modern people. However, there had been a gradual change over the years, which brought comfort to our life. A simple look at the modern buildings might make one wonder about the elevators. Now, the common question would be who invented the elevator or when was the elevator invented.

who invented the elevator first? OTIS.Elisha Gravis Otis was the man behind the success and in 1852; he invented the very first safety break for the elevators. This safety latch would hoist the equipment and would prevent it from falling. However, hoisting devices had been quite common since the Roman Empire. The elevator is an amazing invention for the humankind. Without it, buildings would be limited in stories. However, nowadays there are tallest buildings in the world and people belonging to different corners of the world want to experience being on the highest floor. It is because of an elevator that we are now able to live in flats, which are on the 21st or even higher floors. In short, modern architecture is a success because of the elevators. There had been a need for vertical transport since long ago. In 1743, the very elevator design for passengers was built in France at the palace of the King. It was called the Flying Chair. By 1850, there was further advancement with the introduction of hydraulic and steam elevators; however, it was in 1852 when Elisha Gravis Otis introduced the first safety elevator.

Otis is the inventor of the first elevator.

His idea gained popularity because of the New York World’s Fair in 1853. It is because of this particular idea that skyscrapers are possible in the modern age. Elisha Gravis Otis was 40 when he got the idea for this particular invention. He was cleaning up the factory when he got the idea. Together with his sons, he tested the very first design for the safety elevator, which was a success. After making some sales, he named the company as Union Elevator Works and later it was changed to Otis Brother & Co. Over the years, businesses from overseas were added and eventually, Otis Elevator Company gained huge popularity.

Otis Elevator Company

Otis Elevator Company in the modern age belongs to the industry of vertical transport systems. It is amazing how the foundation of this particular company dates back to 1853. This particular company market elevators manufacture them and do so much more, which is possible because of Elisha Gravis Otis. The invention of the past becomes a comfort of the future, which is quite evident by the success of this particular idea by Elisha Gravis Otis. Over the years, there had been many inventions but this invention brought a huge revolution in modern architecture. A simple look at the history shows that great things start with small ideas and it is because of the passion and hard work that people are able to achieve so much in life such that generations after generations these people and their families are quite famous.


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