Who invented the dishwasher?


Homemakers, Hotels, Restaurants, and public of the modern age would thank the person who invented the dishwasher as it saves time and energy. There are much better things to do in a day rather than washing the dishes many times during the day especially if one expects tons of guests in the house. The remarkable person behind the idea of a dishwasher was Josephine Cochrane.

who is the inventor of automatic dishwasher?

Josephine Cochrane was born in the family of Irene Fitch Garis and John Garis, who was a civil engineer. John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat was her grandfather. In short, she was born in a family of an inventor. It is said that Josephine was quite upset with the traditional way of washing the dishes with hand especially because she used to have many guests in the house, as she and her husband, William Cochran, a businessperson would invite many guests at the house over for formal dinner.

Josephine had a good collection of China but one day she saw chips around the beautiful dishes, which was quite damaging for the dishes. This damage leads to the idea of inventing the dish-washing machine. Josephine wanted to name it “Cochrane Dishwasher.” She wanted to find a way, which can be much better than traditional cleaning and would not damage the delicate dishes. Thus, with the help of a friend, who was a mechanic, she started working in the backyard to develop a better cleaning process.

Josephine got the patent for dishwasher in 1886. Her idea for the process of dishwashing was a machine, which would utilize jets of hot water along with soap so the dishes would be clean without scrubbing them. After cleaning, it would be important to rinse the dishes with hot water. Apart from all this, a rack would safely hold the clean dishes in place. Visitors of the World’s Chicago Fair were quite impressed with this amazing machine in 1893; however, it was in 1950’s when it actually gained popularity among the masses. Since then it became a common kitchen item but before that, mainly hotels and big restaurants were the main customers. In 1850, there was another type of wooden machine, which was built for a similar purpose; however, it does not have motor operating like in Josephine’s design.
Final Words

The traditional way of washing dishes requires a pair of human hands, which in frustration can easily damage any kind of dishes. Many homemakers to this day would thank Josephine for this idea. It is because of such people that life becomes a lot easier. Those who are still washing the dishes through the traditional means are quite aware of the fact that it takes away time and energy and, it takes a toll on dishes. Apart from that, it affects the skin of hands when not using good quality soap. It is amazing how Josephine Cochran was able to come up with the idea of the dishwashing machine and the best part is she did not wait for someone else to do it for her but she rather built it herself.


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