Who invented the bicycle?


Everyone has for sure ridden a bike at some point in their lives. While riding a bike provides exercise, transportation or just a fun time to be outside, most people have no idea where their bicycle originated from.

who is the inventor of first bicycle

It is hard to narrow down the exact time and inventor of the bicycle as there are many claims. A Chinese inventor named Lu Ban is thought to have made the ever bike. Another theory is that the bicycle was invented in 1534 by Gian Giacomo Caprotti. This claim to the bike comes from a drawing that has been disclaimed recently.  Another claim to the inventor of the bike is Comte de Sivrac. This claim is again, not able to be proven.

Bikes resembling modern ones dates back to 1817 by a German; Baron Karl von Drais. His design and model turned into the first known two wheeled bicycle used by adults. The bike he invented was made of wood and the first ride took place in June of 1817. The test took a total of eight miles on the inaugural ride. The bike weighed 48 pounds and was difficult to ride, which resulted in it being banned in some areas due to the increasing amounts of accidents.

A new and improved version of the bike came in 1818, with a man from London, named Denis Johnson. This bike took on a more sleek shape, much more comparable with the bikes of today.

1885 brought the look of the bike that truly looked like the bikes of today. These bikes were dubbed as safety bikes, and were invented by John Kemp Starley. The female version, with the slanted middle bar debuted in 1889. These bikes featured a front wheel that could be steered, wheels of equal size and a chain to the back wheel.

who invented the bicycle first?

All of of these designs have transformed into ones we experience today. BMX,inspired by these original designs, has racing, folding and tandem models that became widespread throughout the world.

While there are many claims to the first inventor of the bike, it is hard to pinpoint the exact true inventor. It seems as if each inventor took ideas from the one before them. The truth  is that millions of adults and children are riding and enjoying bicycles in every stage of their lives. Many memories have been made riding these bikes and that will continue far into the future.


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