Who invented helicopter


When was the helicopter invented?

In the 1500’s Leonardo Da Vinci created many drawings of a flying machine which most probably inspired the first helicopter. Then, at the turn of 1784 two French inventors named Bienvenue and Launoy developed a rotary-winged toy thus, proving the basic principles of a helicopter’s flight capability.


leonardo Da Vinvi draw the first helicopter

Source Of Helicopter Name

It’s said that a famous French writer by the name of Ponton D’Amecourt was first to come up with the term (helicopter) in 1863. Originating from the words (hello) meaning spiral and (pter) for its wings.

Famous Inventors Of The Helicopter

Paul Cornu

Named after its inventor; the Cornu helicopter was developed in France and it is the first rotary-winged aircraft. The first flying helicopter took flight in 1907 by Paul Cornu himself. It had to be retired shortly after the first successful flight because of mechanical issues.

Etienne Oehmichen

In 1922 a French inventor named Etienne Oehmichen had better luck! Being the first person to build and fly a helicopter for just under one mile. Then on May 4, 1924, he was awarded 90,000 French Francs for the first successful flight of a closed circuit helicopter.

Professor Henrich Focke

Next came the Focke-Wulf Fw 61; an early German helicopter which flew great distances. Taking his theory of vertical flight without the use of autogyros, Focke developed a free flight model in 1934. And in 1935 received orders to build a prototype of his famed helicopter. It proved to be a great success and was featured on the Deutsche Bundespost postage stamp in 1979.

Igor Sikorsky

Considered to be the first true inventor of the helicopter, Igor Sikorsky was a great Russian aviation designer. Yet, he utilized sketches from previous designs in the creation of his 1940’s single rotor helicopter. Igor also developed the XR-4 and presented it to Franklin Gregory, a prominent Colonel in the United States Army.

Igor Sikorsky Helicopter

Stanley Hiller Jr.

On July 4, 1944, an American inventor by the name of Stanley Hiller Jr. helped to create the very first metal rotor blade powered helicopter. Allowing for faster travel and took its first test flight throughout the United States of America.

Arthur M. Young

Another famous American inventor named Arthur M. Young became the first person to design a fully enclosed bubble canopy helicopter. The Bell Model 47 was developed while Young was working for the Bell Aircraft Company. He also created the Model 30, using a stabilizer bar that would be featured on future helicopters.

Popular Helicopter Models 

Aerospatiale SA-313 Alouette II

 At the turn of 1950, Sud Aviation Company brought to life the Aerospatiale SA-313 Alouette II. Taking its first flight on March 12, 1955, helping to break a record for distance and another for speed.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook

The CH-47 Chinook made its entry in 1961, which was equipped with massive 60-foot rotors. Its main purpose was for transporting troops and/or delivering goods.

Bell 206 JetRanger

First introduced on December 8, 1962, the 206 JetRanger is a popular helicopter used in tv and films! It is a civilian chopper often carrying corporate members on business trips.

Northrop Grumman MQ-8

A helicopter used in military maneuvers, the Northrup Grumman MQ-8 was often deployed upon the United States Navy Frigate.


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