Who invented airplane


The History of Airplanes

Before providing a comprehensive answer to “Who invented airplane” lets have a look at brief history of airplanes. Airplanes have been around with us for well over 100 years now. They provide faster, safer, and more comfortable means of transportation. For centuries past, the mere thought of flying in the air itself was laughable. No one ever imagined that a time would come when flying would be considered normal and ordinary. This is why it pays to dig deeper into just how this phenomenon came into being.

We are going to tackle the subject matter by examining some crucial issues. We will first look into those who invented or at least credited with the invention of the first airplane. We shall then proceed to examine how the first airplane looked like. We will further delve into discussing the countdown and the timelines that led to the unveiling of the first airplane.

The inventor of the first airplane.

When was the first airplane invented?

For a start, the first airplane was invented by two brothers; Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. The former was born on August 19, 1871, the latter on April 16, 1867. These two brothers were not well-educated. They in fact hardly went past high school. Orville Wright, as a matter of fact, had only three years of high school whereas his brother completed high school with no post-secondary qualification.

After developing several prototypes and conducting several tests, these two brothers unveiled what we now credit to be the first airplane on December 17, 1903. This happened in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, United States of America. The first flight lasted a mere 12 seconds and covered only 37 meters.

How did the first airplane look alike?

First airplane

The first airplane featured the biplane design. This design mainly comes in the form of two wings that are overlaid atop each other. The plane had two propellers that were made of wood. It was powered by a small diesel-powered engine that was improvised for the purpose.

The Wright Brothers made use of the three-axis control in order to steer the plane,  which allowed them to direct the plane through the pitch, yaw and the roll respectively. The wings of the airplane were shaped in the form of the aerofoil which made it possible for the aircraft to generate the required lift easily.

When and who invented airplane? Wright brothers are the first inventor of airplanes.

Timeline of the first airplane

The first airplane started taking shape in 1899. The wing warping technique first came into use at this time. This structure was not kind of brilliant design since it could not confront too much weight. This led to a modification in the design in following years. Later on, in 1901, the brothers added some extra features to the existing plane. These were the spurs and the trussed ribs which enabled the plane to glide more than 300 feet. In 1903, a diesel-powered engine was fitted onto the aircraft. This was the version of the aircraft that was officially unveiled by the Wright Brothers that same year.

More than 100 years later, the Wright Brothers remain as a great source of inspiration and enthusiasm. They dared set their feet where others could not even imagine of. Their invention has also revolutionized our transportation and changed the way we tackle the world. It is interesting to see just how far the airplane technology will go considering that many people are flying by the years.