What is deja-vu?


We will disquss “what does DE-JAVU means” and how de-javu happens.

The brain is deceptive

Deja-vu is originally a French word which means “already seen”. Deja-vu is a phenomenon most of us have experienced at least once. But how deja-vu happens is subject to many scientific researches. Most of the scientific researches agree that deja-vu is just a deception created by our brains. Our brain just finds a familiarity and connect it to something that has not experienced before. Where in the brain deja-vu occurs has been the subject of discussions and some researches indicate that the phenomenon deja-vu is outside of the Memory field:hippocampus.

We have two forms of remembrance

There are two forms of memory. The “real” memory is the one we activate from our episode memory in the hippocampus. When we try to remember what we ate on Saturday We use that part of the brain.

When we recognize a person or situation, a more unconscious recognition is also activated. We do not remember something particular, but instead experience a sense of familiarity. It’s the other kind of memory.

Many brain researchers believe that deja-vu occurs in a brain circuit that is about recognition.

Deja-vu is quickly forgotten

Deja-vu is just like that situation; you come across with  someone and talk to him but you dont remember where you’ve met him before.

Suddenly, while you are in the conversation on the street, you realize where you know the person from. Then you can remember the circumstances and where you met. It’s the difference between recall and familiarity, “explains the brain researchers.

By a deja-vu there may be an element in the scene you experience, that you have actually met before, which fools you to believe that the whole scene is experienced before and you are living the same moment again..

Epilepsy patients often experience deja-vu

Obviously, doctors can not look into the skulls of people when they experience the dejavu.

Epilepsy patients often experience dejavu because they have disturbances in the part of the brain that has been defined as the basis for deja-vu.

 With those patients, doctors have the opportunity to see what happens in the brain during deja-vu. The dominant understanding is that there is an abnormal activity in the brain of epilepsy patients when they experience a deja-vu.

Abnormal activity in the brain or not – deja-vu is still associated with some mysticism, also in the medical world.