Vulture Trivia Facts

  • Vultures are scavengers and are much needed in the circle of life in the wild. You could compare them to janitors. They clean up carcasses when predators are through eating their prey. They also clean up road kill and feed on the carcasses of animals that die of natural causes. Yes, they are the clean up crew, or today they are better known as maintenance engineers.

  • A vulture’s wing span can be as much as 10 feet from tip to tip.

  • Vultures ride the wind currents looking for food. Their eyes are fitted with a magnifying cornea that allows them to see great distances.

  • A vulture’s long skinny neck and bald head allows the bird to reach far into an animal carcass to clean the bones.

  • Vultures do not kill. They crash the party after the kill has been made.


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