Thomas Edison and his great inventions


How Many Inventions has Thomas Edison?

Thomas Edison, lived between 1847-1931, was an inventor and businessman born in Ohio. He holds the patents of over 1, 000 products including but obviously not limited to the phonograph, motion picture camera, and carbon microphone. It is hard to pick just one of his  inventions as being his most important one. It is safe to say that the incandescent light bulb is his most famous invention. Even though most of the people know him for his inventions, there is so much more to talk about this great scientist. His dynamic nature puts him at the top of my list for the most forward thinking. Including his inventions, he also held revolutionary and controversial views on such topics such as life and the hereafter, politics, national policy and currency. He quoted in the New York Times as saying “Gold is a relic of Julius Caesar, and interest is an invention of Satan.” At times, we may think that he was on to something, and let’s remember that he passed 3 years after Black Tuesday, and the start of the Great Depression. Among all his successes  Edison holds 15 awards in life and after death. His laboratory was his home, and is now a historical destination in New Jersey. It is no doubt that Edison’s contributions’ revolutionized many industries and made possible for the modern world we know today.

Thomas Edison