The tallest building in the world


Burj al Khalifa: The tallest building in the world. 

The world’s tallest building raises over 800 meters in the air, but can be  overtaken soon.

When the Empire State Building was completed in 1931, the building remained the tallest man-made structure for the next 23 years.

This is not the case today, as one new skyscraper after another, switches to steal the title as the tallest building in the world.

The world’s tallest building is Burj Khalifa. It is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is 828 meters high.

The world’s tallest building is Burj Khalifa.

The construction of the impressive skyscraper  begun on September 21, 2004 and was finally completed in 2009 after several delays.

The tower is named after Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the president of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi.

Burj Khalifa contains offices, private apartments, hotels and has a total of 900 apartments on 165 floors.

The tower has 57 lifts and one of them is the world’s fastest lift, as it can reside 124 floors in 59 seconds.

Burj Khalifa is also famous for the world’s highest-lying swimming pool and the world’s highest-lying mosque.

Jeddah Tower will be tallest building of the world by 2020

For in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, they are currently building the Jeddah Tower – also known as the Kingdom Tower. The building is scheduled to be completed by 2020 and will be at least 1000 meters high – ie over a kilometer.

The crazy construction started in 2013 and was expected to have been completed next year but has been delayed by 2020.

The original plan was that the Jeddah Tower should have been insane 1609 meters high – equivalent to one mile, but when the underground was found to contain ancient coral reefs, the height had to be limited to 1000 meters.

Here you can see the list of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world:

The world’s tallest building – top 10

  1. Burj Khalifa – 829.8 meters. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. Shanghai Tower – 632 meters. Located in Shanghai, China
  3. Abraj Al Bait – 601 meters. Located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  4. Ping An Finance Center – 599 meters. Located in Shenzhen, China
  5. Lotte World Tower – 555.7 meters. Located in Seoul, South Korea
  6. One World Trade Center – 546.2 meters. Located in New York, USA
  7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center – 530 meters. Located in Guangzhou, China.
  8. Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) – 527 meters. Located in Chicago, USA
  9. Taipei 101 – 508 meters. Located in Taipei, Taiwan.
  10. Shanghai World Financial Center – 494.3 meters. Located in Shanghai, China.