immune system


What is immune system?

Immune system is the defense system of the body. Namely immune system is the body’s ability to fight against  diseases. Immunity may be inherent or acquired.  Naturally each person from birth has an immune system because it is inherited from their parents. It can also be acquired by the use of vaccines or serums.

The immune system of human body has a “defensive army” to fight against diseases. It starts with the skin, which is a protective barrier. But the most effective defense soldiers are found in the blood. These are white blood cells and other substances produced by them. They are called antibodies. They are able to distinguish the elements penetrated into the body and fight against them. When something harmful enters the body, white blood cells produce specific antibody acting against that particular substance or organism. Each type of antibody is used to fight against a special type of microorganism.

Vaccines role in immune system

Vaccines are substances that are prepared with the same disease-producing microorganisms with reduced attack capability. When they reach the body, the body forms antibodies to fight them, so if the “real” disease agent penetrates the blood, then particular antibody already existing in the immunity system will fight against it.

Vaccines serve as a “trainer” for “defending army.” immunity is also acquired through the diseases.  When you have a disease, the body forms antibodies to fight against it. So that when these same agents penetrate the body, immune system already knows how to destroy them because it has specific antibodies formed during the previous attack.

Allergy is an alert for immune system

Our body sometimes reacts abnormally against breathing dust, pollen, feathers or dropped hair of animals like cats. Generally these reactions are sneezing, tearing or cough. We call this allergy.

When foreign substances or microorganisms enter the body, it starts a “battle” to destroy them and prevent them from causing damage to the body and immune system. The sneezing, tearing, coughing and even fever are the signs that tell us that our body is trying to destroy the harmful agents.

Immune system against animal’s venom

There are some animals in the nature that use poison to defend themselves. Scorpions, spider capulina which is known as “Black Widow” and some species of snakes, are just handful examples of this group.

When the poison of this type of animals enters the body, the immune system does not know how to fight it. because it lacks the necessary antibodies, so that it is essential that the injured person receive first aid and if necessary receive the appropriate serum such as anti-scorpion , antivípero (against snake venom), and so on.

To prevent that kind of fatal accidents following precautions should be taken:

  • Do not walk on barefoot on the brush and grass,
  • Don’t be curious with the  cracks and don’t lift the stones to see what is there,
  • Do not play in caves or abandoned sites, as there may be scorpions, snakes and spiders around.

What to do in case of bites or stings?

  • You should immediately call the doctor to learn what to do.
  • While waiting for the doctor or moving the individual to the Health Center, ice wrapped in a cloth should be applied on the wound.
  • Ensure that the affected area is below the level of the heart.


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