self-cleaning windows


American researchers have managed to develop powerful, ultra smooth glass coating which can serve to include self-cleaning, scratch-resistant lenses and windows.
Scientists at Harvard University have developed a transparent glass layer, which is  strong, self-cleaning and ultra smooth.”With this new coating we could fabricate examples of  durable, scratch resistant lenses,” says lead researcher Joanna Aizenberg. “Even self-cleaning windows and improved solar panels are possible.” This invention builds on a well-established technology that Aizenberg SLIPS calls ‘slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces: the synthetic smoothest surface ever. The new coating is as smooth, but much more durable and fully transparent. SLIPS technique is based on the behavior of the pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant that attracts insects to the rim of her cup. This board is so slippery that the animals slipped and fell into the chalice. SLIPS impact not only water but also oil and sticky substances like honey.”But the cost was too high and the fabric was not transparent,” says researcher Nicolas Vogel. “In addition, to attach SLIPS  to the surface is not an easy task. Therefore we were looking for a way to treat an existing surface specifically so that it would be smooth.


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