What is Photographic Memory?


Is there photographic memory?

What is photographic memory and are there any people who can remember everything in details?

Nobody remembers everything exactly

The 100 percent precise memory, where people can remember everything as an inverted photo on the retina, is not possible. That’s how simple it is. In films and books you may see some  characters with  photographic memory, but scientifically it is called a myth. But there are exceptional people who can remember every detail in their personal lives very accurately.

The people who remember incredible details from their own lives very accurately are not good at remembering other things. They must also have a shopping list for supermarket. There are also people with special, often autistic features, remembering certain things like speech sequences or historical chronology exceptionally well. But as a rule, we cant remember everything exactly.

Our memory is colored

Our feelings, surroundings and experiences reflect on how and what we remember. For example, two friends who were at the same party remembers  the evening differently, depending on what mood they were in.

If you want to be better at sharpening your semantic memory – the part of memory that is focused on facts and knowledge- there are a number of remembering techniques that you can practice.

It is a burden to remember everything

For a few people who recall very precisely about their own lives, it is a mental disorder rather than a blessed gift. Because it’s a burden to remember all those details. Especially when it comes to remember bad memories and traumas with every detail the pain becomes more and more in time. This is particularly seen in people with post-traumatic stress.

We remember the facts of negative memories

Our brain and memory are designed to remember things differently for practical and psychological reasons. Over time, negative experiences will be agonising while positive experiences keep us happy when we recall them.