Nutrition for Kids


 Nutrition for KidsNutrition for Kids is very important

Nutrients are used for energy, for every activity of your body. Food is responsible for producing energy for each day the body can do more things. Foods also help to grow and replenish the body parts to injure. For example after a sun burn, food proteins are those that form the new skin that was damaged by the sun’s rays.

Eating well means eating foods from all the three groups.

  • Cereals and tubers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Animal foods and legumes

The amount consumed of each is important. More cereals and tubers should be consumed then fruits and vegetables, then legumes and animal foods and the least amount of fat and sugar.

We can accommodate the food groups in a pyramid, to know what should be consumed in greater quantity.

At the base are cereals and tubers and fat tip, that means that you should eat more grains and the least amount of fat and sugar.

You should also avoid eating too much candy, snacks, gum, candy and soda, which together are known as junk foods. Because they are of little nutritional value and have too many fats and sugars should be consumed in small quantities.

Kids will like to buy this kind of “food” because often bring a small toy or brightly colored wrappers or fashion characters. They do this just to attract manufacturers and consume but eat not feed, and also damage the teeth causing tooth decay, spoil the appetite to eat healthily.

When people do not eat well, there may be two problems: malnutrition and obesity.

Nutrition for KidsMalnutrition is getting inappropriate food. Malnourished children are very slender, shorter than the other, they have no power to exercise, fall asleep in class and always look like they’re tired, also their body is not strong and they are vulnerable to getting sick from anything.

The opposite case is that of obesity.

Obese children are eating too much fat and sugar, have a very high weight compared to others and find it difficult to exercise.

So you should eat in a balanced way, without abusing of fats and sugars and trying, wherever possible, to consume foods from all groups.

Good nutrition, also includes the manner in which food is prepared. Many can be eaten raw, like most fruits and some vegetables, but others have to be cooked in different ways to eat them. When preparing food, food can be baked, fried, roasted, etc.. When cooking get better appearance, taste and odor, and are more pleasant and appetizing also cooking also helps prevent some diseases because heat destroys microorganisms. Foods that are eaten raw should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent some disease. Vegetables like lettuce, chard, spinach or watercress, should be allowed to stand 20 minutes in clean water with a few drops of bleach or iodine to disappear microorganisms that may be present in them. Those that are cooked, such as meat, should be well cooked, fried or roasted, trying to use the least amount of fat, butter or oil possible. The heat of cooking makes them softer and easier to chew, and eliminate any microorganisms that could contain. Another benefit of cooking is that it facilitates their uptake into the body, starches, for example, found in rice, corn or wheat and used for energy, only be utilized when the cereal that contains cooked. When preparing food, mix different varieties of food, which, as a result of the action of heat, are transformed to become a new food. Breads, for example, are prepared using wheat flour, eggs, butter, milk and yeast when mixed and baked all that, changing the properties of food and originates a new food. The mole is a very tasty Mexican traditional dish that is prepared for a long time, among its ingredients are more than ten kinds of chilies, plus chocolate, pumpkin seeds and herbs. Entire mixture is ground and resulting in a food very different in appearance and taste to the original components. The person responsible for preparing the food must be well cleaned and wash your hands constantly, just as the kitchen, floors, and utensils must be kept very clean.

Good Nutrition for Kids should be:

  • Complete and sufficient: should contain adequate food rations of the three groups so that the body gets all the nutrients needed.
  • Accompanied by boiled water and clean.
  • Varied: seasonal food preference and the region in which they occur.
  • Prompt: try to have regular hours and do not eat between meals to keep your appetite.
  • Clean: food, kitchen, and other utensils should have good hygiene.
  • Well prepared and fresh: food should be cooked or fried, and preferably consume immediately after cooking.


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