natural science



What is natural science?

Natural Science helps us understand the world around us, and science asks and studies on anything surprising and interesting. To do science and learn about these questions, one must be a good observer, this means being aware of what is happening around.
Then asks questions about what was observed and study to find the answers. These questions can be related to three fundamental aspects: living beings, body, matter and energy. These three aspects are precisely the main working fields of the natural sciences.

Major subjects studied by natural sciences

• The nature and the creatures that live in it: the way in which they relate, how they depend on each other, how they are formed, why man needs and how to care for them.
• The body: how it works, how to breathe, why we smile, why we feel tired and hungry, why sometimes we feel bad, how we learn so many things.
Matter and energy: how things are made, how they form the water, that serves sunlight, what they are made the paints and pencils, why can blow bubbles.

To learn how the world around us, the natural sciences need to rely on subjects such as biology, mathematics, geography, history, chemistry, physics and even Spanish.

For example, if you study how budgies are, where they live, what they eat, how many children they have, etc.., It is first necessary to know, for it helps biology, which is dedicated to studying living things, if you want is to know where you live, we must check a map in geography that will help, in order to inform other people how many children they have or how much you weigh each bird, it is essential to do some math, and that math involved. If you also want to know what materials are made their nests or feed which substances will appear chemistry and physics.

Finally to make a summary of the research, it is necessary to have good writing, good writing and good spelling, so that everyone can read and learn about the subject that is dedicated to the Spanish. In conclusion, the natural sciences, mainly including biology, physics and chemistry, do not work alone, because knowledge is thus requires the work of many materials. Many scientists have risked their lives to learn and discover new things. For example, before airplanes were invented, scientists used balloons filled with air to rise in them and see the Earth from above.


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