Natural resources


Definition of Natural resources

In nature there are many things: plants, animals, water, air, earth, minerals … All these elements utilized for living and meeting human needs are called natural resources. Drinking water, breathing air, the plants that provide food and even pets, are part of natural resources.

Natural resources are grouped into two categories:

renewable and nonrenewable natural resources

Renewable natural resources are those that are replenished naturally or recovering: water, air, animals are examples of them.

Non-renewable resources are those that go using run out, or those who take thousands of years to recover, therefore dwindle such as oil and minerals (gold, silver, iron, copper, and others).

It is our duty to care for and make rational use of resources, be it renewable or nonrenewable, because the way they exploit will allow future generations to continue to enjoy its benefits.

The forest trees are renewable resources because through reproduction born each year new plants, to grow, they will become trees. However, if you cut down all the trees, it will be very difficult for the forest to recover despite being a renewable resource. In the case of non-renewable resources, the operation should be done more carefully; because if you waste the day will come that we can no longer count on them.

Our world is rich in renewable and nonrenewable resources. On its territory there are many oil fields and mines of the obtained silver, gold, copper and other minerals.

For renewable resources, countries has large areas of sea along the coasts, rivers, lakes and lagoons and abundant wildlife.

For example; Mexico is among the twelve countries with the greatest variety of plant and animal species, ranking first in the world in terms of the diversity of reptiles, the second in mammals, and the fourth in plants and amphibians.

In addition many of these species are unique to Mexico, meaning that exist nowhere else in the world, therefore, if they are destroyed or depleted, not only removed from Mexico, but the entire planet.


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