Top 7 Mad Scientists between Genius and Insanity:


Tycho_BraheNumber One: Tycho Brahe

Tycho Brahe is a Danish scientist who is credited with the construction of the mathematical model that accurately describes the orientation of celestial bodies. His work was the basis of great astronomers such as Kepler, who established what is now known as “Kepler’s Laws” which explains why planets move in the way they do. Brahe’s work also paved the way for us to see the universe as it is, that our solar system revolving around the sun, rather than us being at the center. But what puts Brahe (pronounced Bray He) at number one? Not only did he live in a castle handed down from his foster parents, it is said he employed a little person named Jepp to be his court jester. Jepp had a place in the castle because Brahe was convinced his jester had clairvoyant ability. There have been reports that Brahe had a pet moose. This animal would be seen walking alongside his carriage. But, the moose met an unfortunate end. People speculate that the moose fell down the stairs apparently drunk from beer, and sadly, passed away. This was the first murder mystery of Brahe’s life. The last, most regrettable, was his own. He died of apparent kidney failure. What caused this failure was mercury poisoning. There is some speculation on if this was accidental exposure due to his scientific experiments, or if it was a case of murder. The jury is still out. Whichever the case, his lifetime achievements and wacky personal life graces him with number one on our countdown of the most quirky “mad scientists”