Top 7 Mad Scientists between Genius and Insanity:


jack-parsonsNumber 4, Jack Parsons:

At number Four, Jack Parsons was a modern day rocket scientist. He had helped develop the United States missile project. When he was young, Parsons was a mischievous boy, there are reports that he blew out his school toilets in a science experiment that gone wrong. There is not much known about Jack Parson except that he played a critical role in the formation of rocket science and was instrumental in building the rockets that were eventually used in the Space Race. As we have learned, often with a great mind, come great troubles. It is said that he truly believed in magic, was involved in the early stages of Scientology and had an extremely colorful sex life. For that reason Parsons did not fit into the mold of the Industrial Complex and was an outcast among his peers.