Is cracking your fingers bad?


In this article we discuss why do some people love to crack their fingers and whether cracking your fingers is bad and could it be resulted in arthritis.

Some get chills of the sound while others enjoy the feeling of cracking the fingers!

Inside the finger joint, a small vacuum is formed when you use your hands. By manipulating your fingers, ie cracking them, a small air bubble emerges in the joint and explodes immediately after you crack your finger.

There is no scientific evidence that it would be ended in arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. According to some experts you can crack your fingers as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

50 years surveys of cracking fingers

Above-mentioned opinion about cracking fingers is backed by a peculiar one-man study , published in the United States in 1998.

The man behind the study (cracking joints), Doctor Donald Unger, decided to test the results on himself.

Every day for 50 years he cracked his fingers on his left hand at least twice while letting his right hand free. After of this test the conclusion was clear:

There was no difference between the fingers of the hand that had been cracked for 50 years and the other hand.

Donald Unger received the Ig Nobel Prize, which is a parody of the true version and is given to the ones who ‘make people smile first and then make them think’.

Beware of the other joints

According to some experts, this is different if you crack the neck and knee for example.

Here you should be more aware, as it may indicate signs of rheumatoid arthritis.

If you crack or strech other joints forcefully, it often causes damage and irregularities on the cartilage in the joints.

We adults are really good at ignoring the body’s own signals. One of the most important signals is pain. That means we must stop what we’re doing.

How to stop cracking your fingers

Although it is not unhealthy to crack fingers, many think that it’s embarrassing to do it publicly.

If you want to quit cracking you can begin to focus yourself on the habit and stop the unconscious action. Then you must remember the negative sides of cracking  fingers.