Importance of water


Water is an important resource with any life. You can find water in many parts of the earth: in the oceans and seas, rivers and lakes, ponds, etc… That water accounts for three quarters of the planet’s surface. Sea water is salty, and is called sea water, while the water of rivers and lakes is sweet; gaps however, are areas that meet the salt water and fresh river, therefore, the resulting water mixture to a type called brackish water.

Animals that live in water are called aquatic creatures, e.g. fish, algae or whales. Are those of the oceans marine and freshwater the inland waters (freshwater)? Also inside the body there is  much water, it is estimated that more than half of each person is water. Fruits, vegetables and many foods also contain lots of water.

Water exists in nature in three states: liquid, solid and vapor form.

Water is used for many things:

• It’s where the aquatics live.
• It is essential for human life.
• The plants need water to grow.
• Is used to irrigate crops.
• Is required to prepare food.
• It is necessary for personal hygiene, household and work.
• Required in industrial processes.

Importance of water for nature

The water used for people to drink it, is called drinking. Drinking water should be transparent, odorless and tasteless, if the water is cloudy, not be consumed because it may contain impurities and cause illness. When water contains chemicals or microorganisms oblivious to it, then it is contaminated. Water becomes contaminated when mixed with garbage, detergents, minerals, or any waste of homes or factories. To drink water and make sure there will contract diseases like typhoid and cholera is important to boil it for at least 10 minutes before drinking, if not possible, then you have to add two drops of chlorine or iodine per liter of water and let it stand for half an hour before drinking. This is sufficient to destroy disease-causing microorganisms. Another method for removing impurities from water is the use of filters. For many years, Mexicans learned to separate the water and using large porous stones to serve as filters.

How much water do we consume?

Every person needs a certain amount of water for their activities: drinking, bathing, washing hands, washing your clothes or your house. However, there are people who wasted no thought that only a small part can be harnessed for human activities. The average cost of water varies from region to region and depends on the activities that everyone performs.

People who wash your car with a hose spend 100 liters of water! If you wash with a bucket you need only 20 liters!

If brushing your teeth, leave the water running … Are thrown 11 liters per minute! If using a glass of water … ¼ liter deals around!

About “sweep” the floor with a hose … use 17 liters per square meter. If washed with bucket … only need three liters per square meter.

A bath in the shower … spends about 90 liters. But if done in tub … Spends 400 liters!

A key that is left dripping wasted four liters of water every hour.

Although water is a renewable resource, many of the underground tanks used to supply the population are contaminated and costs too much work and money to remove the impurities. Therefore, it is the duty of every person to conserve water and not waste.

Some steps to protect water and nature are:

• Do not throw trash in the street, parks or water.
• Rather buy soaps detergents; they are very harmful and dirty water.
• Brush your teeth using a glass with water and showering as quickly as possible.
• Check for household toilets have water saving deposits.
• Never leave a tap open or leaking.


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