What is ideology?

Ideology means ‘thought‘, ‘concept‘ and ‘form‘ and derived from the Greek word idea. An ideology can therefore be defined as a special system of ideas that describes how society has thought.

What is ideology definition?

An ideology is a philosophical overall idea that deals with both political, economic and social conditions for the citizens of the society. It can contain ethical and moral ideals, principles, doctrines, myths and symbols that appeal to groups of people in society.

Typically, an ideology contains some concrete thoughts about what is the best form of governance in a society (eg democracy or dictatorship). An ideology would also suggest the best economic system to distribute the profits of the society (eg, by capitalist  or socialist model or on the basis of green economy).

Ideologies can also describe challenges and solutions to society’s problems and thus be more realistic than philosophical. A political ideology mainly deals with how power should be distributed in society. Many political parties base their political positions and party programs on a particular ideological basis.

The most famous and oldest ideologies are  socialism,  liberalism and conservatism.