How to get rid of mosquito bites


is it really possible to get rid of mosquito bites? How to?

In order to answer our readers ” How to get rid of mosquito bites” question we made a comprehensive research which may at least help you avoid Mosquito bites.

However, the initial results are a little bit disappointing. What you can do to get rid of mosquito bites is limited with passive precautions like: You should not be out at dusk early in the morning and in the evening, where the mosquitoes are most active. And then you can take some long and loose clothes that the mosquitoes can not get through.

More rain means more mosquitoes

Before we continue with the advices to get rid of mosquito bites, here comes a little background about them.

Mosquitoes lay eggs on particularly green areas. When the rain comes, the water rises, and the mosquito larvae finds the best conditions to  grow up.

If summer is wet, many of the little puddles are filled with water, which means you will come across with mosquitoes more than ever. So, the number of puddles in the area determines the number of mosquitoes to be expected. If you are living close to a forest, you will experience much more mosquito attacks than the ones living in the cities.

So; what to do with those puddles?Does spreading oil on them work?

Could it be a good solution to spread oil on the pits in order to create an oil cover when they are filled with water?

Firstly, you can not plan all the holes in the forest floor, and secondly, according to the researchers, it will be an inexhaustible way to throw away oil in nature.


It’s completely hopeless to imagine today trying to control mosquitoes by spreading oil. Firstly, it is somewhat swarming and secondly, you not only affect the mosquitoes, but also the entire ecosystem by doing so.

Chemical attack is not an option either

For the same reason, you would not want to see small propellers or tankers spreading insecticides in the green areas.

However, in many countries it is still used to keep the mosquito bites down, because they are facing with malaria, dengue and yellow fever.

Since in the most of the world we do not have any disease risks associated with mosquito bites – although they may be quite annoying – the spread of insecticides on a large scale will not be be a good option.

Does it help against mosquitoes to drink gin tonic? Or what about taking B vitamins?

A good old housewife says that kinin in tonic works against mosquitoes, so it keeps mosquitoes away if you drink gin tonic. But some researchers strictly stands against this theory:

  • First, the kinin does not help against mosquitoes, but against the malaria parasite.
  • Secondly, the researchers have not seen any scientific results to show that the amount of kinin in the tonic is enough to fight malaria.

So, it is certain that tonic will not help you against mosquito bites, neither will B vitamins.


Only one thing works

Well what in the world does work against mosquito bites?

Here’s the basic answer: Mosquito spray!

Mosquito spray keeps mosquitoes away and they work actually  good.

However, we recommend that you make sure to get the right one.


Mosquito coils also work

Mosquito coils (the green spirals that you turn on with a lighter at one end) also work excellently.

For indoor use, you can buy that small appliances plugged into the wall, after which they steam a scent into the room, which mosquitoes can not afford.

I could not lie down in my bed and breathe it. It seems uncomfortable to me, but you can do as you please.

The mosquito coils give off both poison and fragrances that the mosquitoes do not like and make them stay away.

CONCLUSION: Do not use chemicals to get rid of mosquito bites; just avoid going out at certain hours without protective cloths!