How To Cure Blocked Nose In Babies?


The problem of blocked nose in babies is called snuffles. It is basically caused due to the collection of mucus in the nose of babies. Babies, as have less stamina; therefore, they cannot clear their nose immediately. It is not a serious problem unless baby stops taking its meals.
What Is The Main Cause?
Mucus collection is basically the prime cause of snuffles in babies. This problem does not arise due to cold or cough. If there is an infection, then the situation might turn worse for the baby. It usually becomes unable to feed and faces a little difficulty while breathing.
General Remedial Measures:
If the baby is being fed normally, then there is no special treatment required. However, if there is a problem in feeding then you must either place a bowl of warm water in the baby’s room or you must try giving him short but very frequent feeds over a period of time. This might reduce the nasal problem of the baby.
If the above remedial measures do not work out for you, then you can use saline drops to reduce the problem. Saline drops basically thin out the mucus and it becomes easy for the baby to breathe in. He is then able to release the mucus out of the nose. You can easily get saline drops from any medical store near your house. The idea of using saline drops is much better than using simple plain water for nasal problems of babies.
If you are taking the problem too seriously because your baby has stopped taking its feed, then you must see your doctor. Although this is not a major problem, yet doctor will advise you certain nose drops which will thin down the mucus and your baby will start taking the feeds regularly on a frequent basis.
Most of the parents use nasal aspirators to clear blocked nose and clean out the mucus from their baby’s nose before giving out the feed. Lesser research has been done on its use; therefore, it is not assured whether it is an effective treatment for snuffles or not. It might cause harm to the baby’s nose if not used carefully. Therefore, using saline water or other drops are the best remedies for clearing out the nose blockage from babies.
Once again, snuffles is not a major problem in babies under six months of age. It usually happens because of some infections and gets cured in a short time period. You do not have to worry if the baby is snoring while sleeping. Your time of worrying begins when the baby finds a lot of difficulty in feeding.
In such cases, you must follow all the aforementioned advices from our experts to take your baby out of the nasal issue. It would be best to keep the baby’s room warm enough if you do not want him to catch any kind of infection. Follow all the above mentioned tips to get your baby rid of blocked nose problems.


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