How to clean baby toys


Cleaning Baby Toys and Getting Rid of Bacteria

How can you clean baby toys and kill bacteria on the toys? This question is very important for sensitive parents.
Those toys like Teddy Bear are particularly dangerous for kids because kids love hugging and get in touch with their mouths. This makes kids vulnerable to a variety of bacteria and viruses which may cause serious diseases.

Infectious diseases caused by both viruses and bacteria spread very quickly from kindergarden to home. If you could improve hygiene you could avoid this infection;

It’s about washing your hands and making sure that the toys are properly washed off.

70 degrees hot water kills the bacteria

Hygene experts call for concrete weapons in the fight against the bacteria. The best way to get rid of the microorganisms is to get them boiled because freezing just prevents reproducing of bacteria. So we should wash the toys in hot water using soap. Washing the toys at 70 degrees would be enough for most types of viruses and bacteria. You can prepare a large bowl with 70 degrees warm soapy water and keep the toy there for a few minutes, and then it’s okay.

Using washing machine is another option that may be especially suitable for the teddy bear and dolls. Check the note on the toy which tells if you can wash it and dry using washing machine.

Not All Bacteria are HARMFUL

Various disinfectants can be poisonous and thus more harmful than the bacteria itself, so some experts recommend using good old-fashioned method: Washing with water and soap. That works well for washing out toys while eliminating most bacteria and virus.

Removing all microorganisms from our lives may not be as healthy as we think because we live in peace and tolerance with many of them.

In general, we do not think it’s a good idea to avoid all bacteria. We have to be aware of that our entire organism is a result of coexistence with microorganisms. If we get rid of all microorganisms, then we have a greater tendency to get allergies. Bacteria are an integral part of our organism, and we do not work optimally without them.

So; please be careful at choosing the right method to clean your baby toys.