Global Warming Alert: Sea level rises 2.3 meters per degree Celsius


Global Warming Alert: With every degree Celsius that the earth’s temperature goes up, the sea level rises by 2.3 meters. 
So say researchers at the Institute for Climate Impact Research in the German city of Potsdam, an organization of the United Nations.
According to the new projections, the average temperature in the period 2016-2035 from 0.4 to 1.0 degrees lower than it was in the period 1985-2005.
According to scientist Anders Levermann it is the first time that the history of climate change combined with computer simulations to rule on the future of the Earth’s climate predictions. ” The relationship between rising temperatures and sea level has resulted in a new measure,” said Levermann.
The sea level is rising by the warming of the sea water and the melting of glaciers and large amounts of land ice in Greenland and Antarctica.
Previously calculated the IPCC, the UN climate panel, in the past century sea level has risen by 17 centimeters. Other researchers predict that large areas of Bangladesh to Florida come to be under risk, as in the year 2100 the sea level will have been raised by 2 meters underwater.


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