What is the Difference Between Affect and Effect


Difference Between Homonyms Affect and Effect

It is easy to get homonyms mixed up when you are writing them out. Two of the biggest culprits that tend to trip up quite a lot of people are affect and effect. This affect vs effect battle has gotten so bad for some people that they have taken to replacing either one of these words with an entirely new term as to not have to worry about getting it wrong. After you have read this though, you will be able to definitively tell the difference between the two from here on out.

When We Use Affect

When you are choosing this particular word to use, you are most often using it as a verb in a sentence. For example, “I was affected by the way she spoke to me this morning” or “I didn’t mean to affect your progress with my loud noises.” In almost all senses, this is an action word that is intended for an influence or impact on something.

affect vs effect
When we use affect or effect

When We Use Effect

An effect is that influence or impact that just ‘affected’ you. An effect is often used as a noun, describing a specific condition. “I didn’t know that movie would have that effect on my emotions” or “I wanted to see the effect the magic potion had on the frog.”


Effect vs Affect

Knowing the difference between affect or effect boils down to the message that you are trying to convey. As was earlier discussed, effect is something that was influenced or impacted by something. If you are looking to say that something is being influenced, namely in the way that you would use a verb in proper sentence structure, this would be where affect is used.