Conservation of natural resources


Conservation of natural resources;  But How?

Nature provides a wealth of resources that are used for food, construction materials, for clothing, toys, footwear and also to humans and other living things to carry out its functions. There are many factors that can cause damage, some of these naturally occurring, like cyclones, heavy rain, lightning, floods or earthquakes. However, what has caused more damage to nature are actions caused by people.

Many years ago, people got from nature only what they would use every day, hunted animals for meat and also took advantage of their skins to cover. When they learned to cultivate the land, and were not have to be travel  from one place to another looking for food, they had already found how to produce it. These people began to build some houses, then the families grew and after the years, the site became a village. Each person who was coming to that place, had their own needs, and not enough trees for wood. Then they had to go to other places to cut more trees and began to grow in places beyond. Thus, the people grew and transferred into cities where they could live together with many people.

Building cities is something that people need to live happy. It would be absurd to think that to take care of nature everyone should have lived in caves and start hunting like years ago. Progress is necessary, but it is important that the people of those cities and the whole world is aware of that conservation of natural resources is our most important issue.

Conservation of natural resources means using only what is necessary and never waste so that future generations will also have the opportunity to enjoy. A person who has a car to get to work or walk, to think that this car was built by scientists studied and learned how to exploit the characteristics of resources, therefore, your car, and is a must transport see it as a gift of nature because it comes too. To correspond to “the gift” the vehicle owner must keep in good condition so do not throw poisonous fumes that dirty air.

Nature provides many gifts, such as air, water, land where they built houses and schools, the food we eat, wild animals, and even pets. The way to reciprocate is guarding their resources and being kind to all who live in it.

What can you do for conservation of natural resources?

All human large and small can put our best for the conservation of natural resources . Here are some suggestions:

Conservation of water

• Do not use toys that wasted water.

• Do not leave keys open or leaking.

• Brush teeth with only a glass of water.

• Avoid bathing in tub and if done, remove the water with buckets for reuse in the toilet or watering.

• Buy soap instead of detergents that do so much damage to nature.

• The same with regard to cleaning products and bath, there are companies that sell natural shampoo less harmful than others.

Conservation of Air

• Keep your car in good condition.

• Avoid going everywhere in the car, you can walk or ride your bicycle.

• Do not participate in parties where there rockets and fireworks, as well as noise, shed toxic substances into the environment.

Conservation of natural environment

The garbage from homes, schools or industries must be saved somewhere, sometimes buried and the earth to revolve with the passage of time can be built in this area, there are also places where garbage is burned.

It is preferable to reduce the consumption of “things” that eventually become waste, reuse what you can of those “things” and recycle materials such as paper, glass and metal to reduce the amount of waste and thus help the environment.

When buying something, look whenever something good, durable and well made, sometimes the toys are made of low quality materials and soon become trash.

It is also advisable to avoid very nice wraps and colors that manufacturers do to get attention, while more ink used in a wrapper, and contains more chemicals that affect the environment, what matters is the content, not the wrapper.

• When shopping look for the recyclable symbol on packaging, these companies help the environment more than those using all new.

• Products for cleaning, housework or persons, are generally liquid waste to be down the drain.

• Do not throw garbage on the streets, public places or water.

• Throwing garbage in sealed cans and practice the three RRR (reduce, reuse and recycle).

• Organize the family to reuse and carry recyclables to sell.

The tap water is sometimes collected in large tanks for cleaning, but most rivers reach the sea or harming the organisms living in them. Therefore, it is necessary to help care for those resources buying only biodegradable products.

Biodegradable substances are those that can be part of the environment without hurting. Wood is biodegradable if buried a piece of wood, after a few months because it no longer became soil organic matter, but if you bury a plastic bag, the years pass, and the bag is still there, that is because the bag is not biodegradable.


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