What causes gray hair?


As we get older, especially men are in pursuit of this question:

What is the reason for gray hair and how can we prevent gray hair?


what are the reasons for gray hair?

In this article we will try to explain what causes gray hair, why our hair becomes gray as we get older:

Basically hair turns gray when the production of pigment to the hair shaft stops.The pigments produced by the stem cells begin to die from the mid-20s in men and  five years later in women. Early development of gray hair is largely genetically determined.


The hairs do not turn in to another color, actually they just lose the color and become transparent. The guilty for this color loss is obviously melanin.  As the melanin level in your hairs decreases so does the color of your hair. Melanin level is directly related to the performance of melanocyte cells that are supposed to produce melanin. Melanocyte stimulating hormones can be solution for gray hairs problem but it is not scientifically proven.

Gray hair doesn’t occur overnight and of course the process of gray hair is not usually visible as it is a very slow process. Some kinds of hair becomes gray earlier and this can be due to genetic factors. Hypoglycemia and latent diabetes  could also be the reason for gray hairs at younger ages. If you are in the risk group, you should take the challenge test for diabetes and get the required treatment.


Its a prevalent question whether the bad mood or sadness may cause gray hair. As the stress triggers lots of illness
we have to accept that it is one of the most important reasons for gray hair at younger ages. When you are under stress for a long while, the cortisone level in your body begins to decrease and that has the same effect on melanin levels.


The more you have your hairs dyed the more they lose the color pigments and become gray. Here the most important point is the quality of the hair products you use. If you are genetically prone to get gray hairs, you should think twice before dyeing your hair until your 30s.


Gray hairs issue is mostly genetic and there is no scientifically proven method to prevent this. Sooner or later we will all experience the side effects of getting older. Anyway, we have a recipe for gray hairs; that is  walnut cure:

  • Just boil the crust of fresh walnut in a little water.
  • Put some olive oil (about 30ml) and 1 dessert spoon of dry yeast and mix.
  • Keep it on your hair as a mask for 2 hours and then wash.

Maybe we cant prevent them to get gray but we can dye them with organic recipes.

how does hair become gray

The route of gray hair:

  1. Stem cells of the upper skin layer turns in to melanin producing cells called melanocytes and they migrate to the bottom of the hair follicle.
  2. Melanocytes, form the pigment that gives hair its distinctive color. Melanocytes are the cells carrying pigment into the hair shaft.
  3. With the older ages the stem cells starts to die. There are no longer melanocytes to color the hair, and thus the hair turns gray.
  4. Each hair follicle and hair type has its own course – a single strand of hair can easily become gray years before another. Nose hair often loses color first, then head hair, beard and eventually eyebrows.