Archimedes Principle: Law of Buoyancy


How Did a Tyrant, a Gold Crown, and a Bath House Help Archimedes Establish the Law of Buoyancy?

I assume that most of you  have heard of Archimedes (287-212 BC) from one fairy tales. Great mathematician Archimedes lived a life that may very well have inspired some of those tales. According to one of these legends, Archimedes was employed by King Hieron II to ensure that a crown that the King had made as a tribute to the Gods, was in fact, made of pure gold.

Archimedes was thinking how to test the quality of the crown with an accurate method . He was spending too much time in bath. According to the claims sometimes he was spending all day in bath. During his days in bath Archimedes noticed the water displacement was relative to his body mass. With this epiphany, it is said that Archimedes jumped up shouting EUREKA! EUREKA! (I found it). There are conflicting accounts of what happened next. Some say he grabbed a towel and went straight to the king. Others say, in the heat of passion,Archimedes flew out of the bath house wearing nothing but a smile.


Which ever the case maybe, It is an undisputable fact that Archimedes was a genius mathematician who defined the laws of buoyancy and the “archimedes principle.” This principle states: The density of an object divided by the density of a fluid, equals the weight of an object divided by the weight of displaced fluid.