There are previously unrecorded species of frogs, beetles, grasshoppers, fish and a snake found in this research. That was revealed by International Nature Conservation Organization in Suriname.

Sixty new species discovered in Suriname which are previously unrecorded species of frogs, beetles, grasshoppers, fish and a snake.Also, many ‘new’ ants found, but scientists have not yet determined definitively whether they were really new species.

The discovery was made in the southeast of Suriname, in the basin of the Upper Palumeu, not far from the border with Brazil. According to the researchers, the area is one of the last untouched rainforests on earth.

 Leeanne Alonso, scientific director of the research, is very enthusiastic about the results. In a similar survey in southwest Suriname there were new species discovered some forty years ago. The harvest is now 1.5 times as large.

Alonso said during the presentation “I have been in many areas throughout the world, but I haven’t seen such a large pristine area. This is really unique,”. Especially the fact that many species of beetles are found, is an indication of the diversity of mammals that exist in the area, she explained. There are several species of beetles found new eating feces of several species of mammals.

Yet there is also concern arising from the research. In fact relatively high concentrations of mercury are found in the water and fish. This is striking because there is no activity in a region where mercury is used. It is possibly related to the use of mercury in small-scale gold mining in Suriname.

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